Systems Analysis, Learning Management System Design

Design for the Cannabis Industry

Bud Education is also a learning agency specializing in applying your Standard Operating Procedures to your Learning Management System in a way that motivates while educating your employees in your individual establishment's procedures. We are experienced and credentialed in Management Information Systems.

Off-the-shelf learning has its place, but customized education can make all the difference for your training strategy. We customized learning using your SOP's and your establishments' mission. Your employees want to know that you respect their time by giving them the experiences and information they need to grow in their positions and excel in their jobs.

Our company;

  • Understands learners
  • Ties learning to performance
  • Provides realistic practice and feedback
  • Uses interactivity to promote deep engagement
  • Gives on-demand performance support
  • Measures learning effectiveness
  • Applies multimedia learning research

We combine what we know about focus, attention, and memory with customized learning that reflects your company's structure, culture, and unique goals. We create highly accessible and perfectly balanced learning to deliver the right combination of content, context and impact for highly dynamic training from the very first moment to the final page. Ask us about how you can add RVT to your LMS for an annual fee. Contact us at [email protected] to book your free consult.

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