(200) MA Cannabis Delivery Drivers Training

Supplement to Basic Core Curriculum

Regulations for Delivery Agents

In addition to the Basic Core Curriculum, all Marijuana Agents acting as delivery employees of a Marijuana Establishment must attend and successfully completed the Delivery Core Curriculum before making a delivery, which shall, to the extent not covered in Basic Core Training, include without limitation, training on:

  • Safely conducting deliveries
  • Safe cash handling practices
  • Securing product following any instance of diversion, theft, or loss of Finished Marijuana Products according to 935 CMR 501.110(1)(m)
  • Collecting and communicating information to assist in investigations
  • Procedures for checking identification (Basic Core)
  • Indications of impairment; and checking ID (Basic Core)
  • Strategies for de-escalating potentially dangerous situations (Basic Core)

Overall Objective: Provide the knowledge necessary to safely and efficiently deliver cannabis products to consumers in Massachusetts.

By the end of the training, agents will be able to:

  • Understand the legal and regulatory requirements for operating within the cannabis delivery industry.
  • Develop a comprehensive understanding of how these regulations are implemented.
  • Gain awareness of safe driving practices and compliance with traffic laws and regulations.
  • Understand the importance of confidentiality, security, and discretion when delivering cannabis products.
  • Develop strategies for maintaining professional boundaries and mitigating risks associated with the delivery of cannabis products.
  • Identify potential hazards and risks associated with operating a cannabis delivery business, and understand how to minimize them.

Your Instructor

kristi Talagan M.Ed., RVT #453123
kristi Talagan M.Ed., RVT #453123


Kristi Talagan M.Ed.,
RVT#453123-Responsible Vendor Trainer and more...
Kristi Talagan, a certified Master Educator, Systems Analyst, and Administrator with 25 years of experience managing state policies and procedures in an inner-city school district. She is also a professor at a local Boston college in the Workforce and Development Department and educates in large manufacturing companies such as Kayem. As a Responsible Vendor Trainer, she has provided training for over 5,000 agents in Massachusetts and services over 60+ companies. She is a novice cultivator and brings that knowledge to the curriculum.