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KristiTalagan M.Ed.,


-Professional Status Master Educator, Department of Education, Commonwealth of Massachusetts

-B.S., Management Information Systems, 

-Advanced Graduate Study Curriculum and Design

-Professor of ESL, Workforce Development, BHCC, Boston, MA

-Recipient of an award from the M.A. Governor's Office of Workforce and Development

-Recipient grant from Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation "Getting Things Done" Tackling Equity Issues Through Curriculum. 

-Twenty-five years of administrative experience overseeing federal, state, and local policies and procedures in an inner-city school system in M.A.

-Manufacturing training experience, large companies such as Kayem Foods.

-Three years of cultivation experience and growing!

Co-owner, author

Lori A. Lima R.N.

-Registered Nurse

-25 years of experience in a Boston-based hospital setting

-Experience with Medical Marijuana Patient Care

We will be offering advanced RVT courses coming soon!

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Thank you! this was great! fun and educational. I had a great time taking notes. I was worried it was going to be challenging but you made it enjoyable and manageable for everyone. Not too overwhelming... I was overwhelmed at first but I was happily surprised to find out I breezed thru the tests without struggle. I know my job well and I'm looking forward to continuing to grow and learn with the cannabis industry for years to come!

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I am definitely not a very tech savvy person so I am happy to say this was VERY user friendly and easy to navigate through.

Thank you!

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Thank you for this training. Very informative!

The training is packed with succinct information delivered using excellent instructions with spot-on visuals!

Thank you for taking the time to create this program. Extremely informative and useful.

Thank you for your time and effort.